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DESIGN - 2020



A 'smart city' is the pulse of any country; the reason for a city to exist is to provide a place for people to live, work and create with others who share the same ambitions. Belema Atlantic Islands - BAI is a 'smart city' that represents and symbolizes the genesis, evolution and ascent of a great civilization that the nation is truly proud of. It is a harmonic blend of history with character, heritage, aesthetics, architecture, economy, environment and modern lifestyle. BAI's primary objective is to create a connected community.

BAI is a 'magnet' city that attracts its residents, tourists, visitors and business investors. As long as people feel secure, the city will prosper and evolve - a city is nothing without its striving community. BAI has a very humane goal to provide a greatly improved living and working environment for its urban population. It has a clear vision implemented by a strong, young and inspiring leadership. It aims to become one of the most important modern hubs in the region. BAI's citizens are active, productive, fun, creative, talented, open-minded, knowledgeable, adventurous, curious, experimental, devoted and most importantly they have a strong sense of belonging. BAI is a platform for a long lasting future with continued economic growth.


Belema Group Limited - Mr. Jack-Rich Tein
440 km²  (44,003 hectares)

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