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DESIGN - 2021



The client intends to put the African continent on the map of architectural innovations. Starting from Abuja, the fastest growing city in the world, and capital of Nigeria, 'Tower of Africa', TOA is a lifestyle destination that will create a culture around it - a community of people who connect and gather for cultural exchange. It is a mixed-use project attractive to all segments, that comprises cultural and conference centers, retail shops and commercial spaces, unique entertainment, leisure and recreational facilities complemented by a one-of-a-kind market hall and signature F&B outlets. Three skyscrapers, one of which is the highest in Africa rising high at 566 meters above ground and podium levels, comprise top-of-the-line office spaces, four and five-star hotels and hotel residences along with their full amenities, as well as high-end residential units of various sizes. The towers are topped with signature restaurants, with an executive club and observatory deck at the highest point.

The Abuja skyline with its vast green landscape is distinctively characterized by its array of large monoliths such as Aso Rock and Zuma Rock, which rise spectacularly hundreds of meters above the cityscape. TOA is composed of a series of five organically-shaped volumes that mimic Abuja's rock formations in form, texture and spirit. TOA has a biophilic design, which is an approach that seeks to connect the buildings' occupants more closely to nature. Biophilic-designed buildings incorporate elements like natural lighting, natural landscaping features and other green elements for creating a more productive and healthy built environment for people.
It was imperative throughout the design process that the towers do not seem bulky and heavy within their context. The concept of the Ziggurat, mythically represented by the Tower of Babel, was adopted in a contemporary manner to have the base of the towers narrowing down as they rise upwards, resulting in a structure that has the form of a terraced compounds of successively receding stories.
Just like the rock formations in the city, the receding floor levels spiraling up the three towers carry green belts from the ground up, creating a landscaped platform and a natural dialogue between ground and sky. A four-cabin monorail train links all of the spaces from one end of the project site to the other, creating with its five stations stop at the podium level a very special ride with views into the towers and out of them onto Abuja's skyline.


Belema Group Limited - Mr. Jack-Rich Tein

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